Cal Poly Rose Float Wins Extraordinaire Award

Congratulations Cal Poly Rose Float for winning 2019 Extraordinaire Award!

A pair of astronauts and their alien friends helped Cal Poly Universities capture the Extraordinaire Award at the 2019 Rose Parade. “Far Out Frequencies” is the 71st student-built and student-designed float of Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The Extraordinaire Award, honoring the most extraordinary float, brings the campuses’ trophy tally to 59. 

On the 48-foot float, astronauts Morgan and Sally play the guitar and tambourine with a group of six aliens, sharing a message of goodwill. The joint effort of both campuses is a prime example of the universities’ polytechnic approach to education. Less than a week before the parade, students’ problem-solving skills were put to the test.  Read the full story….