Update Your Device Loan Special

Welcome to Cal Poly Federal Credit Union’s website.  Our Device Loan is available up to the amount of $3,000 and can be repaid over terms ranging from 12 – 36 months.  Device Loan rates are as low as 6.99% apr (based on your good credit history).  

Our Device Loan is as easy as 1-2-3!

1 – SHOP / VISIT BRONCO BOOKSTORE Check out the Bronco Bookstore full-line of PC, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.  After you find the right device;

2 – APPLY / Submit your loan application through our Quick Loan Application . Once you submit your application, one of our lending representatives will contact you with the your loan details, terms and rates.  Once your loan is approved and funded (typically within 24 hours  M-F); 

3- BUY –  visit BRONCO BOOKSTORE to order your device or swing by their store to make your purchase and Enjoy! 

Did you buy your device already at a different provider? Did you finance the purchase on the store’s credit account? if so, more than likely the interest rate on that account is over 15% apr.  Consider refinancing that loan with a rate as low as 6.99% apr.  It’ll save you money and it’s hassle free.