Welcome to CPP

Welcome to  Cal Poly Pomona!

As you become acclimated to the University, we invite you to visit the Credit Union in the Bronco Student Center. We are a valuable employment benefit to faculty and staff of Cal Poly Pomona.  We are proud to provide excellent lending opportunities, a full line of financial services, and the latest in 24/7 electronic access.  What makes us different from other financial institutions? We invest 100% of our profits back to the campus community in the form of enhanced services, scholarships. sponsorships and financial literacy outreach.

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Getting Settled Loan

Starting a new job can be overwhelming.  There can be a lot of expenses associated to a new job or there may have been a lapse from the last paycheck.  We offer new faculty/staff our “Getting Settled” loan* designed to help you get settled into your new position at Cal Poly Pomona.  The loan terms are:

  • Loan amount up to $5,000
  • Interest rate of 4.99% apr.
  • Term of 10 months
  • Offer expires 12/31/20

Need more or a longer term? We offer a variety of unsecured loans — give Cathy a call at 909.869.6823 for details .

  • 12 Month Signature Loan up to $3,000, starting at 6.99% apr
  • 36 Month Signature Loan up to $20,000, starting at 8.99% apr

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*Loans are subject to credit approval. 

New Faculty/Staff Auto Loans

Need a new vehicle?  We can help you  with your auto loan needs.  Finance a new or used vehicle loan or refinance an existing auto loan that you have at another lender and you’ll get a GREAT RATE and terms!!  Apply Today!

  • Loan approval based on several factors, including, credit history, debt ratio, vehicle value

How does it work? Bring us your purchase order from the dealer on a new/used auto purchase.  Or, if you are currently financing the loan, bring us your loan statement from your lender and we’ll contact them to pay off your current balance.  It’s that easy!

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Checking Accounts

Cal Poly Federal Credit Union stays relevant in this fast-paced electronic environment, offering you ease of access to your money 24/7 wherever you are.  We deliver all the tools you expect from a financial institution and more!  Get your membership started today!

Check out the benefits of our No – Monthly Fee Checking Account!

Building Savings

In a recent survey from Bank Rate, only 39% of American household have $1,000 in savings to cover an emergency expense.  The Credit Union offers several programs in place to assist our members with building emergency savings.

  • Our most impactful program is Payroll Deduction.  You can direct a certain dollar amount to your credit union’s savings account each month from your paycheck.  Your savings builds without any effort on your end.  It’s automatic and an easy way to build your savings.
  • Build your savings a few cents at a time with our Debit Card Round Up program.  This program rounds up your debit card transactions to the nearest dollar amount and transfers the “rounded” amount to your savings account at the end of the business day.  You’ll need our  No-Monthly Fee Checking account with MasterCard debit card to enroll in this successful savings building plan.

Check out the benefits of our No – Monthly Fee Checking Account!

Financial Literacy

The Credit Union works closely with several professors, departments and student clubs delivering workshops on an assortment of money and credit management topics.  If you would like to have the Credit Union as a guest speaker for a class or your department, please send us an email to schedule the workshop.  The Credit Union’s website host numerous financial literacy videos designed specifically for young adults on an assortment of important life topics.  Please feel free to use our It’s a Money Thing videos as a resource for your class or department.