MC Debit Claim Instructions and Forms

If you are visiting this page you are interested in disputing a MasterCard transaction.  There are several reasons a member may want to dispute a charge.  Please click “MC debit claim” below and find the example that best describes your situation.  To prevent delay in processing your claim, please read the instructions carefully.

Please note: A Notification of Dispute Charge – MasterCard form MUST be completed for EACH disputed transaction.  If the dispute is authorized, however you have a dispute with the retailer/merchant a letter of explanation must accompany the dispute form.

A Dispute of Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, ATM, or Check Card form must be completed if the transaction in question was NOT authorized.  ALL owners on the account MUST sign this form.

Processing of your dispute will be delayed if the forms are not completed correctly.  Please direct your questions to

MC debit claim